CREHPA, partnering with Protection Nepal Bara is conducting a three year intervention project (2018-2021) aimed in strengthening multi-sectoral and convergent approach to address the issues of child marriage with evidence building in two districts (Rautahat and Parsa) of Nepal. The project facilitated collaboration among various stakeholder groups, including government, civil society, community, police and private sector to jointly achieve a policy outcome.

The following activities has been carried out under this project:

  • Advocacy and coordination with departments, government officials and members of local governance
  •  District level all department Consultation, Planning and Review meeting
  • Facilitation of District Strategy and Action Framework on Child Marriage
  • Integration of training session in department specific training modules for department  staff
  • Master Training of trainers was conducted to local govt. bodies and stakeholders
  •  Mentoring support to department specific officials at district and sub-district level
  • Mentoring Support to Department specific Frontline Staff/functionaries
  • Enhancing capacities of members of the local governance and Village/Community Monitoring and Support Groups