My journey as a founder member at GNB Nepal starts from February 2012 and this has been very exciting for me. A long working experience with grassroot level women and girls motivated me to be a part of GNB network.
I feel proud to have fulfilled my responsibilities by raising my voice against child marriage through advocacy, interaction and presentation at different forums.

Over the years GNB Nepal has made significant contribution to strengthen the National partnership by organizing and participating in partners meetings and capacity building trainings. Further by contributing to develop and finalize the National Strategy to ECM and action plan. GNB Nepal has been highlighting the issue of child marriage through advocacy, interactions and presentations in different forum. Such contribution towards girl’s protection from the harmful practice of child marriage gives me personal satisfaction and encouragement.

My expectation from the network is that we will end the harmful practice of child marriage in Nepal through the combined work and solidarity of like minded organizations and Government.

As a National Coordinator of GNB Nepal. I aim to put forth my best efforts as pre written in GNB constitution despite the challenges.

Vaijyanti Karki, AMK

GNB global meeting held in New Delhi, India in year 2012 was the pioneer for establishment of GNB Nepal Network. Delegates from South East Asian countries, discussion on the existing burden of child marriage, its consequences was the highlight of the meeting followed by discussion on possible efforts government to end child marriage.

Anand Tamang, Dr. Khem Karki, Nubraj Bhandari, Rashmila Shakya, Shyam Pokhrel, Vaijayanti Karki and I represented Nepal and shared a table to showcase our independent effort for ending child marriage in Nepal. We then decided to come up together and form a network – Girls Not Brides Nepal (GNB Nepal), Balika Dulahi Hoinan. On 2012 GNB Nepal was formed with seven Nepali organizations (AMK, CREHPA, CWIN, CWS,  JWAS, SOLID Nepal and SASANE).  To strengthen our effort to end child marriage, we realized need to expand our network and involve other organization contributing in same sector.  Today, we feel proud for being able to create a strong network and contribute for ending child marriage in Nepal.

Prakash Khatiwada, CWS

My participation at the South Asian strategic partnership meeting organized by Girls Not Brides (GNB) global in New Delhi (2012) was an entry point that led JWAS to become a founding member of GNB Nepal. Working with the think tank researchers, experts, and leaders of GNB Nepal in the past decade was an opportunity for us to learn about the depth of norms associated with child marriage in the communities. While we were collecting data from central Terai in 2014 for formulating a national strategy to end child marriage in Nepal, we came across the different factors, actors, and invisible social norms behind the gravity of child marriage. The formation of national strategy in the leadership of GNB Nepal was a stunning achievement, which JWAS is very proud for its contribution. The strategy remained a turning point for JWAS to initiate a child marriage focused projects, especially in the central southern region of Nepal. The inclusion of other member organizations from diverse background and geography of Nepal further enabled JWAS to build deep understanding as well as to prepare a suitable strategy to cope with the issue. Overall, though we are happy with our contribution to bring GNB Nepal in the position of national lead, what JWAS has received from it is much more. We are committed to our active engagement with the national partnership and learn many more insights from it in future.

Nub Raj Bhandari, JWAS