GNB Nepal launched SDG Campaign under the banner #StopStealingHerChildhood at the request of GirlsNotBrides Global Secretariat.  As of date 115 individuals and organizations has signed the campaign. With the encouragement and funding support, GNB Nepal organized a Silent Demos and a Press Conference in National Capital, Kathmandu in September 18, 2019.

Silent Demos campaign

The campaign was attended by 40 participants from GNB Nepal network, participants displayed play cards with eight key messages – five in Nepali and three in English. In addition, two large banners, one in Nepali and in English was displayed appealing the government’s high level delegates participating at the Sept 24-25 SDG Summit to prioritize child marriage issues (SDG 5.3) at the Summit.

Meet the Press

Following the Silent Demos Campaign, GNB Nepal organized press conference with media community and appraised them on why it is important for our government delegates participating at the SDG Meeting in New York on 25 September to prioritize child marriage issues and develop ‘accelerators of change’ since Nepal has already developed a National Strategy to end child marriage by 2030. The media conference was attended by 27 media persons.